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We welcome all to join us for our Divine Service every Sunday at 11:00am! We host our Divine Services (as well as classes and workshops) online via Zoom. 

Zoom Link:

Meeting ID: 202 211 1975 

Passcode: Hope

The Eternal Hope Spiritualist Centre is a charitable organization and we use the Seven Principles as the foundation of our teachings.


We believe in:

1. The Fatherhood of God

2. The brotherhood of man

3. The Communion of Spirits and The Ministry of Angels

4. Continuous existence of the human soul

5. Personal responsibility

6. Compensation and retribution here and hereafter for all the good or evil deeds done on Earth

7. Eternal progress open to every human soul who wills to tread it by the path of eternal good


President: Rev. Alison Farrow

Vice President: Rev. Lurlene Anderson

Secretary: Abigail Sweaton

Booking Secretary: Allan Viarruel

Treasurer: Shalene Simoes

Governor: Rev. Joan Marshall

Governor: Kathy McKenzie

                  OUR HISTORY

Eternal Hope is a welcoming and inclusive community, embracing individuals seeking a profound spiritual connection, regardless of their religious background or their desire for a closer relationship with the Divine source.

Every week, our services are dedicated to nurturing personal spiritual growth. Through insightful lectures, meditative practices, and the chance to experience spiritual healing, we aim to guide our members on their spiritual journeys. Our dedicated Mediums bring messages filled with guidance, acceptance, and love, serving as living proof of the continuity of life beyond the physical realm.

To support our mission and maintain our spiritual home, we host Psychic Teas twice a year, offering an opportunity for both spiritual exploration and fundraising. We also offer unique and interesting workshops on an ongoing basis.

Our journey began in 1975 when a group of individuals envisioned a place where people from diverse faiths could explore Spiritualism, Mediumship, and Spiritual Healing. Our initial location was the Market Building in Cobourg, and over the years, our quest for a more accessible home led us to Sunshine Heights in Port Hope. In 1976, we established residence in the Cobourg Masonic Hall on James St., where we received our Charter and remained for three decades.

While we may be a small congregation, we have big hearts and open doors. We wholeheartedly welcome the chance to extend our spiritual family and connect with a broader community.

Visit us on Instagram:  Eternal Hope Spiritualist (@eternalhopespiritualist) • Instagram photos and videos

Facebook:  (4) The Eternal Hope Spiritualist Centre | Facebook

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